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RUNOFFBROKE Releases Three Consecutive Singles

Dublin based rapper RUNOFFBROKE (Jordan Wilson) has released three singles over three days. With pristine production and clever lyrics, the songs sound original and fresh while audibly influenced by trends of modern hip-hop. A strong sense of voice shines through on every verse, with quick rhymes and clever punchlines from RUNOFFBROKE. Known for his dark humour and haunting music videos, no one ever has to worry about the 21-year-old rapper taking himself too seriously. 

A strong creative vision and commitment to originality has led the project over the last few years. RUNOFFBROKE calls his style of rapping “bi-polar hip-hop” saying “I’m always going back on what I said, one verse will say one thing, the next verse will say another completely contradicting it. Our inner dialogue is like that though- a constant back and forth.” The songs were all produced, mixed, and mastered by NINETY7HERTZ, out of his studio in Wexford.

The initial idea behind the releases were scheduled around an upcoming gig, opening for UK battle rapper Shotty Horroh in Dublin. With a new alias, rebrand, and new team, the gig signified a new start for the project, and RUNOFFBROKE’s team wanted to have three fresh tracks to accompany it. The gig was cancelled to COVID-19, but the team decided to stick to the release schedule as releasing three consecutive singles is still a somewhat unique release strategy. They also figured that people at home could use some hip-hop to keep them company. 

The first single (released April 2nd) entitled “Gimme Dat” is a high energy tune with a catchy chorus, and RUNOFFBROKE plays with lyrical rhythm and vocal style. He says, “The song is me putting out a braggadocious side that I didn't know I had. For everyone and especially when you're an artist, it's really easy to feel like shit about yourself. I’m hoping that after hearing the song people will reflect the confidence I have in this tune.”

The second single (released April 3rd) entitled “White Bag” is about the way drugs affect your brain and ego. RUNOFFBROKE says, “When you're on them you feel great, but the next day you don't. You don't recognize yourself from the person you were the day before, and you find yourself doubting everything about yourself. The song is really about the power drugs have on our brains, how they can send you up so high and then right back down.” The song features Shane Moyer, an American singer and rapper based in LA. They connected a few years ago when Meyer was visiting Galway and Jordan was living there, and the long-distance collaboration continued when RUNOFFBROKE asked Meyer to feature on the song. 

The third single “Sins” (released April 4th) is described by RUNOFFBROKE as “A bit of a journey. It’s another self-doubt kind of song, but this time self-doubt and schizophrenia mixed together. It’s me being unsure of where I'm going or what I’m doing. Being egotistical about how good I am at what I do, but being completely unsure of myself at the exact same time. On one hand I’m gonna smoke crack and fuck your girlfriend, in the same breath I’m crying in my room.”

RUNOFFBROKE started listening to hip-hop at a young age, and by age 11 was writing his own verses to his favourite songs. Playing his first gig at 13 at The Twisted Pepper with the underground label Mic-A-Blaze Records, Jordan carried on to work with multiple Irish groups before making his way to Germany to work with Citizen Soldier Entertainment. He has played gigs in a wide range of countries, including a gig in LA in 2014 and an 18-day German tour in 2017, supporting Infidelix alongside Papke. After spending two years in Berlin, Jordan returned to Ireland in October 2019 and has since been working on new music, gigging, and building his team. He released his debut EP in November, “Lost in the Good Times,” which was a culmination of his work in Berlin. 


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