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RUNOFFBROKE Shows Versatility With Dancehall/House Track

After releasing three successful back to back singles in April and the single “Family” on May 26th, 21-year-old rapper RUNOFFBROKE releases yet another catchy, slick track entitled “Wish you Knew.” The beat, produced by FEEL.FACTORY (aka NINETY7HERTZ), combines influences of afrobeat, dancehall, and deephouse to create a track that is fresh, spacey, and thoughtful. 

With his signature quick rhymes and clever lyrics, RUNOFFBROKE (Jordan Wilson) tells the story of “A toxic relationship that you're happy to be in.” Departing from his usual topics of, well, listen to his songs and you’ll see, “Wish you Knew” is a love song that explores the cyclical nature of toxicity in relationships. This is illustrated in the lyric, “Toxic love but we learn together, and if we don't then we burn together.”

Carried by the driving deephouse beat, the song depicts sitting up all night, talking about past arguments, sorting it out, having sex, arguing again, and being back at stage one. Jordan says, “Love and hate are two necessary factors in a relationship, you have to have the perfect mix of both to make it work.”


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