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Ryan Nealon has an uncanny ability to sculpt an entire world, with carefully laid out lyricism.

Ryan Nealon - Paper Town

A thoughtful and lush piece of pop, Ryan Nealon’s “Paper Town” has a reflective ode that feels uniquely soothing. The stunning arrangement has a timeless air to it. Incorporating a wide slew of instrumentation into the mix it has a chamber pop sort of spirit. By far though the true heart and soul of the track comes from Ryan Nealon’s tender vocals. Sung with tremendous earnestness, the honesty of his verses goes for a quiet sense of contemplation. With such careful patience, the unfurling of the sound gives it a quiet sense of wonder, allowing each detail plenty of room to roam.

The ambient hues of the track slowly rise up at the beginning of the work. From there the rest of the sound gradually comes into place. A rich melody serves as a meticulously considered counterpart to the power of his words. Verses are chosen with care making sure to balance with pitch perfection. Guitar work underlies the track helping to add to the sense of tension. With an almost sweeping motion, the rest of the piece starts to lift up in the latter half. Relief comes to ease the anxiety of the first half, offering a powerful ode. By the finale of it, all the crescendo crashes upon the listener in a fantastic bloom of colour.

“Paper Town” shows off Ryan Nealon’s uncanny ability to sculpt an entire world one with carefully laid out lyricism comes alive.


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