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RynoFish rages hard into that goodnight on the fiery “The Same Old Story”.

RynoFish - The Same Old Story

RynoFish rages hard into that goodnight on the fiery “The Same Old Story”. A nice revisiting of the early aughts emotional indie rock scene, there is such muscle behind the sound. Drums are pure forces of nature and with the insistent bass, it has a perfection to it. Guitars have these infectious riffs, the kinds of earworms that get stuck in the head, lingering long after the track has ended. Of course, this would not be complete without the impeccable vocals that work to weave the whole story together. References abound from Blink182 at the peak of their powers to the reflective spirit of Coheed and Cambria as well.

Volume hits hard from the first moment, for there is no holding back. Immediately flying on through they burn through the track length. The song resides in a delirious state for there is so much energy to it. No let up from this activity really, they make sure that every moment counts. Bouncing off the walls with tremendous excitement they scream on through, for the verses cut to the very bone. Every word chosen with care; this is a considered approach even as the frantic style suggests otherwise. Layers are brought in too, especially towards the end where they seemingly lose control, but in a way that has a wonderful quality to it, fully earned and completely a joy.

“The Same Old Story” races through at a breakneck speed, showing off RynoFish’s undeniable skill at creating a world that fully consumes the listener.



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