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Sabela Bee’s classic indie pop perfection makes “Suburban Summers” a hazy slice of joy.

Sabela Bee - Suburban Summers

Sabela Bee’s classic indie pop perfection makes “Suburban Summers” a hazy slice of joy. The approach recalls early 90s greats such as the Breeders, for there is a feeling of endless opportunity. Riffs go on forever just the like the suburbs themselves. A narrative emerges one that explores one’s surroundings. Mellow rhythms emerge, ones that have a nice gorgeous groove to it. By allowing the many elements to interact there is a bit of bliss to be found within the patterns. While kept relatively bright and airy, there is a depth to it one that touches the very heart of the matter. A great amount of emotional resonance happens within her overall voice. Nor does it overstay its welcome staying just long enough to develop into a small universe.

Her song has a fantastic beginning to it, for the happiness that it radiates feels gorgeous. Melodies here feature so much power to it for it all it brought forward giving it a communal presence. The way the many elements balance together feels wonderful. Everything here plays off each other, for they listen and make sure to move appropriately. A true earworm to behold, it is able to get stuck in the mind. Word choice matters for she makes sure that the elements are nicely punctuated. Verses have a balance to everything for they neatly tie together every possible layer.

On the tender tones of “Suburban Summers” Sabela Bee takes on a gentle, dreamy day one that feels ever so lovely to behold in full.



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