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Sam Thomas Releases Unforgettable New Single: No More

Sam Thomas is definitely not your average singer-songwriter. His sound is hard to define in terms of different categories and ideas, since it actually combines influences as diverse as hip-hop, R&B, and even pop and soul to some degree. His most recent studio single, No More, stands out as a poignant example of his remarkable creative artistry, as well as a great taste of what he can accomplish with his musical diversity. Sam’s vocals are very spontaneous, and the lyrics to “No More” arguably come from a very personal place. This song is easy to relate to and it combines catchy melodies with toughs-provoking topics. This is a good example of a quality piece of music with a strong message to drive it. “No More” should definitely be right up your alley if you like artists such as Frank Ocean, Mac Miller or even Kanye West, among others. This is music that creates an emotional connection, while still remaining catchy and fun!

“No More” by Sam Thomas is available to stream and download now.



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