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Samuel Jonasson sings with pure soul on the spirited folk musings of “There You Go”.

Samuel Jonasson - There You Go

Samuel Jonasson sings with pure soul on the spirited folk musings of “There You Go”. Done with such dignity the lyricism has a tenderness to it. A validation of loss which feels particularly timely right now the song keeps things to the essentials. Rather lovely the simple yet passionately felt arrangement makes sure to highlight the sheer tenacity of his work. Guitar work has a mysterious noir to it for there is a beauty to be found there, one that makes sure to balance everything. Every single moment matters for the track has an economical stance to it, making sure that there is a bright brilliant light to it that needs to be felt.

A hushed open sets the tone. Never raising his voice above a whisper an intimacy reigns over the work. He invites the listener into his own inner monologue, one where loss is gradually accepted over time, yet the pain shall always be there. Within life, the loss of someone special can change the aggrieved person’s outlook on the world at large. Such an event requires an entire community of support to take care, to help through those feelings. By keeping things nimble there is a thoughtfulness there, one that helps to propel the entirety of the sound forward. Quite satisfying in its quiet power, the song touches the very soul with its comforting quality.

“There You Go” features the gentle, warm, and compassionate spirit of Samuel Jonasson in exploring a mood that feels so reflective, honest, and real.



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