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Sandi Glowe’s angelic “Blackpool” has a dark beauty about its unique dream pop quality.

Sandi Glowe – Blackpool

Sandi Glowe’s angelic “Blackpool” has a dark beauty about its unique dream pop quality. Here the vocals take front and centre stage. The tempos are languid, half-remembered, for they allow the whole song to float about. Beyond the surrealist aspect, elements of slowcore, shoegaze, and ambient filter on into the swirling density. References to Low’s rather restrained yet passionate performance appears throughout, for they make sure every moment counts. Despite the heaviness of the work at times a sense of hope helps to push it along, a cautious optimism that feels wonderful.

Right out of the gate nothing stops the lulling atmospheric quality of the work. Full of reflection there is a quiet dignity about the piece. With their deceptively simple track, they convey such depth. Definitely an example of the whole being the greater than the sum of its parts, the way they interact gives it a magical, almost ritualistic purpose. Themes are repeated throughout, always changed ever so slightly. A tremendously talented rhythm section makes it look easy, but their poise is admirable. Bass lines worm their way through the whole of the experience, always feeling just right, though subtle in nature. Guitars additionally waft on up into vast, unknowable geographies. That voice, that effective plea, helps to truly tie it all together. By the end of the piece a sense of purpose rises up, one that feels well-earned.

“Blackpool” features so much colour that pops on through, showing Sandi Glowe’s ability to explore a universe that is distinctly her own.



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