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Sarafin's “Came A Long Way” proves him to be a purveyor of positivity, of overcoming any obstacle.

Sarafin - Came A Long Way

Sarafin spits out verses with pure fire on the life-affirming sound of “Came A Long Way”. From the glowing keyboards to his powerful vocals, it all works wonders to create this full universe one that simply washes over the listener. He proves to be an impeccable storyteller for his eye for detail feels so vivid and real. By allowing the whole of the sound to buttress the strength of his verses feels fantastic. Tremendous colour and light filters into the mix, from the nimbleness of the beats to the way a wide swath of found sounds help to punctuate the power of the track. Within the sound he gives thanks to those who helped him along the way. Volume is an absolute must as the track deserves to be felt as much as heard, with every single detail working wonders in creating an entire universe, one that reveals so much.

Grooves stun as there is an infectious giddy nature to the way they mess with the melody, for the melody has a yearning nostalgic quality to it. They incorporate a great deal of optimism into the track, making it grow and build in a way that feels highly personal. By being so vulnerable, Sarafin delivers something straight from the heart, a truly lived-in narrative that has so much life built into the flow.

“Came A Long Way” is one of those soulful pieces of hip-hop, proving Sarafin to be a purveyor of pure positivity, of overcoming any obstacle.

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