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Sarah Doyle offers a thoughtful, meditative ballad with the tender “Today”.

Sarah Doyle – Today

Sarah Doyle offers a thoughtful, meditative ballad with the tender “Today”. Her voice has an almost bluesy aspect to it for there is a passion that underlies much of it. The classical inclinations of the sound work to further compliment the ultimate stark verse of the lyrics. Word choice here matters a great deal with emphasis placed on each one. Quite thoughtfully she makes sure to pare the sound down to the utmost essentials. By doing so she manages to create an entire atmosphere one that radiates with a sense of intimacy. Piano playing here keeps her voice crystal clear while offering a needed counterpoint. Upon taking it all in as a singular, unified whole, there is a brilliance to it one that never stops.

Gentle chords begin the song starting it off just right. A certain heaviness adorns the piano for her voice definitely has that effect to a large degree. Pastoral during certain moments it has a timeless, classic spirit behind it. Nothing here slows off either – the singing has a kindness to it, the piano a deliberate pacing. In fact, beyond the classical her nods go towards a slowcore aesthetic one best attributed to the slowcore pioneers Low. Like them, she too has a sense of patience and also like them, she makes sure to weave it all into a vast tapestry, one where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Today” shows off Sarah Doyle’s unique voice for she creates an entire universe of sound one that is distinctly her own.



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