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Saul Blake Releases Passionate Ode to the Irish Homeless Crisis in “Empty Homes”

Galway rapper Saul Blake releases a frustrated ode to the homeless crisis in Ireland with the single, “Empty Homes.” The single is Saul’s second release since returning from a hiatus from music, and is the second track off of his upcoming album. The song features a guitar-based backing track and passionate lyrics that offer a deep insight into the human impact of the homeless crisis in Ireland.

Saul says, “The song was sparked by how visible the homeless crisis is becoming. It was inspired by walking through Galway and seeing tents everywhere you look. It’s one thing to see a lad on the streets and feel bad for him, but now you're seeing full families.”

He goes on to say, “In Ireland, this is such a repairable issue. The song is called “Empty Homes” because there are houses that lay empty across the country while people sleep rough every night. We’re building loads of new estates rather than fixing ones that need it.”

He says, “The virus has shown us how solvable this problem is. Thousands of homeless people have been pulled off the streets- and just like that the problem is gone. Sadly, it takes a virus for us to provide people basic rights.” 

Saul also focuses on those to blame, saying “It’s an issue that could have been solved a long time ago if there was a real desire to do so. Our money is being spent lining the pockets of people in power rather than solving our real problems. The lack of change is really frustrating, but Irish people aren't staying silent.”

Saul started playing music in his early teens and started raping a few years later. He started performing with a group called the Red Eyed Rollers, later known as the Rap Scalions, and were signed to Galway based label Mic a Blaze Records. Saul then went solo and released several singles, founding Gravity Verse Productions and collaborating with several artists such as YoYo, Farnkie Kyne, and RUNOFFBROKE (Jordan Wilson). After taking a hiatus of a few years to work on his craft, Saul released the single “Socialites” in April of 2020 that marked his return to music. He hopes to bring something fresh to the Irish music scene, with a distinctive approach to creating, storytelling, and lyricism.

“Empty Homes” was produced by Mok Beats and mixed by Wave Recording Studios. The song accompanies a video that was shot and edited at Saul’s home with the help of his partner Amy Morris.


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