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Scott Klein's “What’s My Name” lets loose with the guitars screaming.

Scott Klein - What's My Name

Scott Klein goes for a sense of power on the swaggering, swinging scope of “What’s My Name”. With the right hint of an edge the song features a muscular western twang. The guitar hits in the perfect way, as the rhythm has an almost confrontational approach, never needing to move that quickly, with a sense of confidence. All of this works in service to Scott Klein’s undeniable strength as a vocalist. His lyrics cut to the bone as he offers up just the perfect amount of defiance to the entirety of the piece.

Volume is an absolute must for he wastes no time in getting started. Immediately the mood is set as the song unfurls with its sense of purpose. Upon the inclusion of his voice into the mix, the track swells up becoming an entire living breathing thing. There is almost a ramshackle orchestral quality to it, and his voice feels reminiscent of Arcade Fire’s William Butler. Akin to that group, there is also an expansiveness to the sound. Much larger than it initially appears, the group play gives it that magnificent touch. Evolution of the groove happens with such delicacy and care even as the lyrics have an intimacy to them. This duality allows the song to feel quite transcendent, particularly towards the finale. For the last stretch the entire thing truly lets loose with the guitars screaming on and the drums hitting with emotional resonance.

“What’s My Name” shows off the classic cadence of Scott Klein in exploring a world that is distinctly his own.



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