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Scott Rocco explores a blissed-out journey on the tender “Wish You Well”.

Scott Rocco - Wish You Well

Scott Rocco explores a blissed-out journey on the tender “Wish You Well”. His voice takes front and centre stage from which all else flows. The guitar truly sings alongside him for its nimble riffs feel outright beautiful to behold. Overall, there is a sense of peace that radiates throughout the entirety of the piece. Rhythms too have a beach-like quality to them, for there is a freedom to the way he lets the whole of the piece expand. Production has a crystal clarity to it with every single gesture given plenty of space.

Right from the beginning he sets the mood. His voice has such an easy-going nature to it while it all feels so soothing to behold. There is a reassurance to the spirit of the track for his lyrics have a gentleness that is lovely. So many different layers intermingle yet the sound retains a light, bright, and airy quality to it. While rooted in pop, he takes in pieces of rock, country, and even a little bit of folk to enter into the fray. All of this is filtered through his own unique experiences as the song grows and builds in clever, thought-provoking ways. Volume is a must for this is the sort of song that deserves to be played loudly from the radio as one drives along the coast. There is a dreaminess to it and it is a true joy to get lost in.

“Wish You Well” shows off the undeniable talent of Scott Rocco in creating a universe that swirls about in a majestic hue.



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