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Sean Waterman offers a beautiful tropical pop joy with “Devices”.

Sean Waterman – Devices

Sean Waterman offers a beautiful tropical pop joy with “Devices”. The vocals here rest right in the centre of the entire thing. A living, breathing quality to the track comes through for the entirety of the work. Lyrics have a poetry to them for every verse is crafted with care. By far the highlight of the work is how it seemingly is rooted in traditional music while maintaining a futuristic impulse. Within this balance there is a spirit of pure unlimited opportunity. Full of so much sun and optimism, the song’s build too further attests to this spirit, making sure it all comes together in a joyous fashion.

The guitar introduces it with a bit of passion. With a physicality to the playing there is a certain fire to the whole thing. Right in the periphery of the sound he allows a greater number of details to gradually enter into the fray in a way that feels well-earned. Usage of the electronics suddenly bursts forward with futuristic jungle rhythms propelling the sound forward. Never losing sight of that original melody, instead he allows the whole piece to shift and transform in beguiling ways. So much optimism adds to the way the whole thing comes together. Layer upon layer enters into the mix yet there is a sense of peacefulness that emerges out of all the activity. Production here has a crystal clarity, with a psychedelic gleam in its eye.

“Devices” shows off Sean Waterman’s ability to craft incredible hooks with a playful colourful display of textures.



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