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Searing intensity radiates throughout the assault on the senses.

Crimson Clean Sweep – Hexes

Searing intensity radiates throughout the assault on the senses that is Crimson Clean Sweep’s cryptic “Hexes”. Riffs race on as the heaviness of the piece weighs on the very soul. The mixture of genres from metal, to hard rock, with more added into the fray. Vocals here have a ferocity to all of it with the many verses tying it all together. Drums here have a beauty to them for they seem to summon up a firestorm. Nor is there any need to worry about volume as the way that it works together makes sure that there is a wall of sound that crushes everything in its path.

A sense of panic bursts onto the scene right from the very beginning. The tension and anxiety of the work never lets up. With this churn of the atmosphere, it all has a wildness to it, one where the very thing becomes an unruly beast, one that feels quite visceral. Beyond the obvious metal leanings, they do bring a bit of grunge’s tortured spirit into the fray. From moment-to-moment early Alice in Chains, their harder work, certainly plays a certain role in informing the dark, oppressive, and bleak spirit of the piece. Evolution of the groove makes the whole of the experience feel nearly suffocating as they make sure that the heaviness is brought all the way up until the work’s very finale as it crests upwards.

Crimson Clean Sweep delivers something intense and wild with “Hexes”, as a feral energy runs through it.



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