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Earth to Eve's playful lyricism on the triumphant “SHIT”.

Earth to Eve – SHIT

Earth to Eve features some fine playful lyricism on the triumphant “SHIT”. Truly the lyrics are the very heart of it and she delivers the lines with such pathos. Arrangement-wise, she has her tongue firmly in cheek as there’s a warped big band style that further highlights the carefree attitude that the lyricism covers. Completely unapologetic there is a happiness that reigns supreme over the course of the whole track, one that the fanfare and easy-going rhythms emphasize. So much is going on in the arrangement that it is a communal experience, akin to the rest of the band agreeing with her and supporting her through the journey.

Nor is there any hesitation because right from the onset the way the song unfurls gives it a majestic quality. By allowing all these many elements to intermingle she delivers something that combines big band, pop, rock, along with the singer-songwriter tradition. Such volume works additional wonders for this is a track that deserves to be felt as much as heard. Her message is one that touches upon the fine work of parody songs, akin a little bit to Flight of the Conchords in terms of its giddy approach. Vibrant colours further enter into the fray and the whole of the work stuns with the way it builds itself up to become an all-encompassing force.

“SHIT” proves to be a little piece of joy, one that displays the uncanny humour of Earth to Eve in creating a strange world that defies categorization and time.



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