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Silver Lake embraces a trippy dreamworld with “Under The Silver Lake”.

Silver Lake - Under The Silver Lake

Silver Lake embraces a trippy dreamworld with “Under The Silver Lake”. A ghostly hue imbues the track with an uncanny degree of wonder. Everything here floats by in a gentle way, from the rhythms to the guitars to the vocals themselves. Things here are never quite what they seem for they go hard into the exquisitely crafted universe. Lots of attention to detail means the song has a living, breathing quality to it. With a nod to the noir there is a haunted beauty to be discovered within the intricate arrangement. Chamber pop, indie rock, and the blues emerge throughout the many gestures.

The song features a wonderful degree of restraint about it. Done with dignity the melody has a grandeur about it. A cyclical approach to the way that the song rises and fall in action adds to its liveliness. Dual vocalists that interchange give the song a sense of dialogue for the piece speaks to itself. Lots of introspection informs the verses for they make sure there is a degree of compassion about it, delving deeper and deeper into the mystery of the work. By giving the rhythm a laid-back, pastoral approach the piece further allows for the atmospherics to feature quite prominently within the sound itself, bringing the thing to a joyous finale. For that final stretch it all rushes up in one final sweep that falls with grace.

“Under The Silver Lake” revels in Silver Lake’s undeniable charm.



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