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Sinead McConville Releases a Fierce Pop Track About Self-Empowerment, ‘Running from You’

Singer/songwriter Sinead McConville has released a fierce new single, an anthem for self-empowerment entitled “Running from You."

"Running from You" is an anthem of self-love. It is about getting through the final grieving process of a heartbreak.The catchy track is a product of bubbling apprehension, absolute honesty and ownership over Sinead’s emotional journey.

Sinead says, “A past relationship just kept being brought up in conversations and it came to the stage where I felt like I was constantly running from everyone bringing him up. Writing this song felt like I was finally laying all my cards on the table and expressing that no more did I depend on someone to bring me happiness. Instead, I truly found my own happiness and ‘picture perfect land’ within myself”

Sinead McConville worked remotely with the head engineer in Grouse Lodge Recording Studio Alex Borwick who turned ‘Running from You’ into a powerful pop anthem. Creative songwriting combined with her impressive vocal range resulted in this fierce anthem with stuck-in-your-head melodies. Sinead McConville released her debut single ‘Doorstep’ in May 2020 which received nationwide praise.


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