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Siren Maythew’s “Predator” crafts a sound that goes for a spirited, almost mystical quality.

Siren Maythew – Predator

Siren Maythew delivers a passionate ballad on the beautiful “Predator”. Aptly named, the song is sung with a sense of urgency. Piano underpins much of the piece giving it a classical cadence that works perfectly alongside the power of her voice. Chamber pop, folk, rock, and more are filtered into the mix resulting in something that proves to be quite unpredictable. In some ways, her work draws from groups like the Dresden Dolls, if they went a more subtle route. The layers come together though to result in something that is very easy to get lost in for they incorporate so many wonderful twists and turns. Nods to the Fleet Foxes’ stylish approach in terms of sheer songcraft is apparent in the way she manages to bring so many different instruments into the fray.

The song has a grand beginning, courtesy of the phenomenal piano leading the way. Right from there the rest of the band falls into place. Her voice alongside the piano helps to add to this sense of space and of purpose. Various elements, small at first, gradually come into bloom with each reiteration of the massive sound. Rhythms here opt for a sense of purpose, one that feels absolutely gorgeous to fully behold. Best of all is the finale where all of the tension and pent-up energy from earlier is finally let free in a glorious cascade of colours.

“Predator” shows off Siren Maythew’s deft skill in crafting a sound that goes for a spirited, almost mystical quality.



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