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“Slaughterhouse” by Lykos creates a maelstrom of sound one that consumes the listener.

Lykos – Slaughterhouse

An intense furious piece of punk rock rage, Lykos captures the zeitgeist with the killer sound of “Slaughterhouse”. The atmosphere is one of such urgency as the entire band thrashes about in an unholy fury. Rhythms are well past the breaking point as they shake and smash their way through the entirety of the track. Volume is not even a must it is a given for there is no way to listen to it without being overwhelmed by the sheer urgency of their sound. Guitars cry and scream their way through the piece, with vocals injecting additional life into the piece.

The little bit of feedback that begins the song is the quietest moment for it all collapses from there. Fully armed and ready to use it the band rushes forward as they quite literally burn through the track length with nary a care. Right upon the first hit of the riff they explode onto the scene with such wide-eyed splendour. Layer upon layer filters into the mix as the whole of the track absolutely revels in the sheer waves of distortion crashing upon it. Shouted lyrics manage to find a way to swim through the unwieldly din for they do not stop at all but rather keep on building and building. With such a structure they inevitably let it all collapse in a fantastic head-banging finale of sheer righteousness.

“Slaughterhouse” shows off the impeccable chops of Lykos in creating a maelstrom of sound one that consumes the listener wholly and completely.

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