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small dog goes for a celebratory spirit with “vieques & dark rum (feat. Kelly Vargas)”.

small dogs - vieques & dark rum (feat. Kelly Vargas)

A tropical jam that brings old school dub alongside nu school trap trappings, small dog goes for a celebratory spirit with “vieques & dark rum (feat. Kelly Vargas)”. The duality of the vocals adds to the undeniably chilled out atmosphere. Bass here matters a great deal for they infuse it with the right amount of melody. With a nice amount of funk and pop thrown in for good measure, there is a kindness that permeates the whole track. Quite mellow, the lyrics capture a sort of wonderful daydream sort of day where everything feels possible. Meditation on the after party, there is a playful sensibility that rolls through it, ever so gentle and kind.

The groove wastes no time, and the track maintains its lightness throughout the whole of the proceedings. Vocals feel as light as a feather for they seemingly waft up into the sky with nary a care in the world. Every single verse builds off the last. By letting that hypnotic rhythm take over, a bit of a peaceful thoughtful mood builds upon it all. Layers are kept neon-hued with their unique sense of splendor, for the production feels polished. Never rushing a thing the best part about the sound is the sheer loveliness, the way that it all seemingly comes together into a fully realized, geometric whole that has such bliss behind it.

“vieques & dark rum (feat. Kelly Vargas)” shows off the deft skill of small dogs in crafting a universe that feels so soothing.



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