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"smoke break (not to smoke)" revels the compassionate cadence of Cardinal Moses.

Cardinal Moses - smoke break (not to smoke)

Cardinal Moses embraces some fantastic chillwave vibes on the soothing atmosphere of “smoke break (not to smoke)”. They deliver early line like it came straight out of a long-lost Washed Out track. Nods to surf rock, yacht rock, synth pop and more filter into the fray giving the whole of the piece a trippy mellow quality to it. Lyrics wear their heart firmly on their sleeve for there is a tenderness there, one of yearning and of desire to be together. Everything is kept simple, angular, straightforward, and undeniably cheery.

The chunky drum beats burst onto the scene alongside the vocals. For a song that is as casual cool as this one, they do not waste time. Rather, they pine to waste time. Looking for a free moment is one of perfect splendour as they have a lovely, lilting ambience to the entirety of the piece, one of such joy behind it. Every detail positively glimmers with such glee as it all comes together into a vast sea of sound. Melodically rich they incorporate so much style within the sound, as the hooks are aplenty and they are so easy to get lost in their good intentions. Rhythms have a gentle demeanor to them, and even the drums have their own sort of lo-fi twee sensibility to them, perfectly aligning alongside the strength of the sound, one that expands in subtle yet significant ways.

“smoke break (not to smoke)” revels in a sense of love and peace, showing off the compassionate cadence of Cardinal Moses.

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