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Sombertrap delivers a lovely solo piano poignancy with “Reflection 2.0.”

Sombertrap - Reflection 2.0

Sombertrap delivers a lovely solo piano poignancy with “Reflection 2.0.” Without needing to add anything to the arrangement, the song has an isolated yet tender tone. The impressionist approach recalls Claude Debussy and George Winston. Pace is the trick because they take their time to ensure every little key flourish adds to the ambiance. By keeping things so intimate, the direct impact emerges from the emotional heft, for this track manages to tell an entire story without even needing to raise its voice.

The gentle demeanor of the sound becomes readily apparent. Many different layers enter the fray, allowing the song to gain a kaleidoscopic presence. Over the course of the journey, the density of the work increases. Painterly with its expressive tenor, the piece has a keen balance. The music has a prettiness within the structure, for their ear for melody is profound. No matter how delicate and detailed things become, they have this sense of genuine, undeniable peace. Swirling about recalling a bit of ambient, the work feels like living, breathing, an actual aural universe teeming with endless possibilities. Rhythms keep things relatively low-key, as the exploration of every texture further highlights the sparkling brilliance of the sound. For the final stretch, an expressive, exquisite beauty becomes readily apparent as the rising action gives way to falling action. By the last few moments, it seeming fades away, giving the decay of the chords that additional insight.

“Reflection 2.0” shows Sombertrap’s uncanny ability to explore a meditative mood, where the atmosphere slowly consumes everything.



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