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Sonar Red deliver something unflinching on the intense “The Ground Beneath Our Feet”.

Sonar Red - The Ground Beneath Our Feet

A dystopian post-industrial landscape defines Sonar Red’s grayscale bleakness of “The Ground Beneath Our Feet”. Gnarled riffs race to the forefront for there is an intrinsic beauty to their ugliness. The starkness of the message feels quite timely and they capture the zeitgeist well for they hold nothing back. Lyrics cut to the heart of the matter. Vocals further add to the sense of despair as they run on through the whole of the piece helping to give the sound a certain storyline behind it, one that feels truly lived in.

Noisy little distorted guitars open the track off with a poignant quality. From there the rest of the track enters the fray quickly. Rhythms have a martial beat behind them as they do not deviate from the initial tragic impulse. The vocals plead for something better, a sense of yearning for a more perfect environment, yet this desire is never met. Instead, they make sure that the intensity of the piece gives it a profound take to it, one that adds to the overall tenor of the piece. Buildup occurs and the references to early Nine Inch Nails appear crystal clear. Like Trent Reznor’s vision, theirs equally has an uncompromising viewpoint, one that revels in exquisite detail. Gorgeous it is not but their method does have a highly unique quality, one that helps to carry the sound along as it intensifies with each additional reiteration.

Sonar Red deliver something unflinching on the intense “The Ground Beneath Our Feet”.



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