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“Sophie” shows palmboy fully embracing a tropical, 80s pop flavour.

palmboy – Sophie

“Sophie” shows palmboy fully embracing a tropical, 80s pop flavour. From the neon-hued synthesizer to the carefree vocal delivery, the whole of the track embodies a certain sense of joy. The melody carries the way and provides to be the perfect counterpoint to the lyrics where a spirit of pure glee dominates. Rhythms have an easy-going, Balearic nature to them. By allowing it all to have its own lightness to the proceedings, the evolution of the sound has an airiness to it that has a genuine sense of peace. Every single gesture is carefully considered and chosen for maximum impact. Lyrics seem to neatly embody that happiness that comes from being a whole, fully realized presence. Bass worms its way through and works as the very glue for the undeniable groove.

From far away the beat comes into focus, as the slight beat box flavour further adds to the track’s many charms. Upon coming into full bloom, they waste no time in letting the whole piece fall into place. Volume is a must as the song deserves to be felt as well as heard. Right in the centre of it all his strong, powerful, and persuasive voice works as the very beating heart. With everything else revolving around it, he delivers each line with true poise and polish. Layer upon layer enters the mix making sure that it has a keen balance that has a deeply felt devotion to it all.

palmboy has a freewheeling personality that shows itself completely on the party atmosphere of “Sophie”.

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