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SpünDay delivers something truly feral on the freak-out of “Magnificent Women”.

SpünDay - Magnificent Women

A psychedelic funk spins wildly out of control on the freewheeling luxury of SpünDay’s “Magnificent Women”. Going for an acid-fried sound, they delve into some truly gnarled guitar chords, the kind that stretch and pull apart at a moment’s notice. The jamming that goes on throughout the track equally adds to its party-like atmosphere in a way that is a true joy to behold. Nor are they alone in this approach for the entirety of the track recalls a bit of Purling Hiss’s output, in terms of the strange otherworldly presence that radiates off everything. Stylistically they mix it up too, as times even bringing a bit of old-school hip-hop into the fray to further add to the dense quality of the sound.

Right from the beginning they make it weird. Then they double down on the weird. The guitars are racing on through as the rhythms have a twisted way about them. Grooves here go for the massive as they crush literally everything in their path. By allowing everything lots of room they create a virtual multi-suite effect. Within the singular track they take on a whole variety of different levels of energy meaning that the song cycles through life in a way that is truly magnificent. Every element deserves to be played to the absolute loudest extreme possible in order for it to crush the listener into submission. Such a varied series of patterns, the kaleidoscopic glee has such a sense of wonder.

SpünDay delivers something truly feral on the freak-out of “Magnificent Women”.



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