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“Special!” shows off CAROLINE’s uncanny storytelling abilities and inspirational message.

CAROLINE - Special!

CAROLINE embraces giddy, infectious pop energy on the playful “Special!”. Melodies here flutter about with so much optimism. Beats never stop always having the right amount of nimbleness to them. Right front and center of the whole track comes her vocals which invite the listener into a world of her own creation. Full of encouragement her lyrics have a kindness about them. Production has a glossy sheen to it, for the synthetic strings and fanfare that appears to enter into the fray further emphasizes the intensity of her vision. Virtually soaked in sunshine there is lightness to the piece one which offers reassurance.

She dives right into the mix, holding nothing back. Her flair for the dramatic feels masterful, for the flourishes of the piece ebb and flow out of the sound. Never oversaturating things, the acute sense of balance is real. There is a bit of an IDM element to the work, most notably in the sophisticated arrangement alongside its sudden bursts. Vocals have a surprising degree of intimacy to them. Words and verses are chosen with the utmost of care, making sure that there is an undeniable positivity. Evolution of the groove happens with subtle gestures, an additional dramatic flourish here, a heavier beat there. All of it adds to the childlike sense of wonder that the song explores, one that draws the listener into her unique and soulful worldview. For the finale she pulls out all the stops in a satisfyingly sweet way.

“Special!” shows off CAROLINE’s uncanny storytelling abilities and inspirational message.



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