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Spotlight: Synth-Rock Best Friends Duo Paper Hands.

Paper Hands are Jordan Campbell 31 (lead vocals) and Billy Taylor 32 (drums/ guitar/ bass) and the pair have been lifelong friends since meeting in the early 90’s aged 3 & 4! They've just released an epic debut track 'Early Warning', which is available to stream and download on all the DSP's.

They met as next door neighbours when their parents were in the air force at RAF Leaming in North Yorkshire. They had a bond from the start and remained best friends ever since. Musically, this bond had remained unexplored until the whole world changed and forced the majority of humanity to remain inside.

“Early Warning started life as nothing but a voice note but became the catalyst for us creating Paper Hands. As a song it is a pure and honest exploration of styles bonded together by a signature rawness we aim to preserve. The way we write lyrics comes more from feeling than direct story telling or anecdotal referencing and ‘Early Warning’ is not exempt from this. This means that even to us, the songs meaning can change from time to time depending on how you listen to it. It also leaves it open to interpretation from whoever choses to listen to it. BILLY TAYLOR

Keep your eyes peeled for the unmissable music video from these guys too. Expect plenty of drama, to match the power of the song itself. These guys sure know how to make an impact.

Instagram: @wearepaperhands

Twitter: @wearepaperhands

TikTok: @wearepaperhands



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