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Spreading Awareness Through Music: Larry Mindel's New Single 'Okarito Ways'.

UK singer-songwriter Larry Mindel is making a name for himself as a rare gem in the art of songwriting. Mindel's latest single 'Okarito Ways' is a truly captivating project. It follows on from his well-received debut album of December 2020, Love in Troubled Times, and his single of June 2021, Whisper The World Away. Larry’s music, particularly Okarito Ways, is highly recommended if you enjoy the sound of artists such as The Beatles, Neil Young, and Billy Joel, among others...

Remarkably, Okarito Ways is a collaboration between 11 people of 6 different nationalities. There's London-based Larry Mindel himself, conservationists Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan, and visual artist Rina Sjardin-Thompson all from New Zealand. Key project members also include music producer Matteo Galesi (Italy) and film-maker Rob Thom (UK). As with all of Mindel's releases, there has clearly been so much care and craft going into the project by everyone involved, that we are left with a treasurable piece of artwork, not just a throwaway single delegated to some Spotify playlist for a week. This is art that will endure.

The single seeks to spread awareness about the precious and endangered Ōkārito Lagoon in New Zealand. Over 90% of NZ’s wetlands have been lost or compromised by agriculture and urban expansion. Ōkārito Lagoon is vulnerable - the land and forest surrounding the water is protected, but the waterways themselves are not. Globally, over 64% of wetlands have been lost. Wetlands peatlands store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests, yet they are disappearing 3 times faster. Having visited in 2019, Larry Mindel approached local conservationists Swade Finch and Paula Sheridan this year to share their joint passion and love for this place, to show its beauty, as further protection is sought for the lagoon and these waterways. They all hope that you too may see and understand the urgency for ensuring we all look after the places near to us and our hearts - places that are still untainted by human incursion.

Find out more about Larry, and make sure to listen to Okarito Ways:



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