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Sproosy embodies a true elegance with “All Guts”.

Sproosy - All Guts

Sproosy embodies a true elegance with “All Guts”. R&B, trap, and pop intersect. By far though the true anchor comes from the stately dubstep that they utilize to a great degree. Easily the core of it all the dubstep here is of James Blake’s variety – not noisy, rather subdued in its own way. An intimacy exists with his vocal delivery that adds to the textural richness of the entire journey. Rhythms have a tropical color to them. Quite deep every iteration of the sound goes deeper and deeper into the thick of it. Layer upon layer enters into the mix making it almost Byzantine in its ornate yet joyous structure.

Right from the beginning the mood is set. His voice recalls Frank Ocean’s yearning. The polished arrangement helps to accentuate the sheer strength of his lyricism. Cleverly the song blooms whenever there is the emotional need. At certain moments the song contains multitudes. Every single piece matters. There are many different suites within the greater symphony he conducts. Nor does this stay limited to the arrangement but to the vocals themselves. Sung with so much fire the piece virtually cascades downwards from the heavens. A great deal of life gets depicted within the whole of the work, further adding to its sense of purpose. For the final stretch he completely lets loose. Rock riffs race on to the forefront giving it an anthemic ending.

“All Guts” shows off Sproosy’s power in crafting a world that has a soul and serenity to it.



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