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Spyderhuff goes for a slow-moving bluesy spirit on “Lazy Soul”.

Spyderhuff - Lazy Soul

Spyderhuff goes for a slow-moving bluesy spirit on “Lazy Soul”. A lot of heart and soul comes through on the track. Thanks to the updated take on the blues, there is a powerful quality to it. Volume is an absolute must for there is a physicality. He conjures up a sheer force of nature about it. Every single instrument has a grace behind it, and the band’s interplay feels fantastic. Rather nice curveballs come in the form of that wonderful horn section, the sort of thing that adds just the right kick to it. Rhythms are ramshackle for they maintain a degree of looseness. One can almost sense the southern humidity that spikes up throughout the entirety of the track. By mixing layer upon layer there is a brilliance to be had in taking it all in.

From the first moment the song unleashes its sheer vulnerability. An intimacy rises out of the whole of the work. Rather carefully produced every single gesture works wonders. The flourishes here have a grandeur to them, for they swing through. By far the highlight of the track comes from his vocals. Lyrics stream downwards for the verses have a poignancy to them. With the song taking its sweet time, the contemplative ode of the piece feels rather righteous. With this physical, swinging sensation they take the classic sound of the blues and manage to bring it into the present day in a way that is highly respectful.

“Lazy Soul” shows off Spyderhuff’s uncanny ability to craft a world that feels absolutely teeming with life.



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