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St. Levi & the Family Tree update the classic blues on the laid-back thoughtfulness of “Walkdown”.

St. Levi & the Family Tree – Walkdown

St. Levi & the Family Tree update the classic blues on the laid-back thoughtfulness of “Walkdown”. Percussion has an extreme tactile quality to it. The tightness of the rhythm adds to the rather compact concept. Pop, soul, the blues, and classic rock all enter into the equation. A communal quality radiates throughout. Really they utilize every single second of the work as there is this reflective stance to it. Highly agile they make sure to weave their way through the whole of the track. Vocals feature this honeyed presence to them and the togetherness shown with the chorus further sells the sense of community.

Drums start things off. With a precise quality there is an inherent slow-moving funkiness that adds to the sound. Guitar work perfectly blends within the groove itself. Production emphasizes this sense of closeness. Vocalists intermingle adding to this expansive scope, one that has a vivid realness to it. Lyricism leads the way tying it altogether in this blissed-out fashion. A thoughtful quality rises out of the rhythm making sure that the song has a prettiness to it. Melodies waft on through the whole of the experience and though stark, the melody has that great degree of heart to it. Best of all they make sure that the sudden bursts of energy feel completely earned, as there is this power about the entire thing that lasts all the way to the last moment.

“Walkdown” features the delightful stylistic choices of St. Levi & the Family Tree in delivering this message straight from the very heart.



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