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Stephanie Caprara goes straight for a soulful R&B pop with “Let Me Know”.

Stephanie Caprara - Let Me Know

A sense of yearning ties the whole of the piece together. The sheer fire that comes right from her heart feels poignant, as the arrangement further emphasizes the spirit of play that underlies the message. With the rest of the track neatly blending into a lush, radiant track. Best listened to loud, very loud, this is the sort of thing that really needs to be felt as much as heard. Production has a flawlessness to it and feels deftly suited for the club, as the pulsing rhythm simply does not stop for anything.

Nor does she waste any time in getting started. Right from the get-go she bursts out onto the scene allowing the many verses to cascade down in a wonderful sense of purpose. Her attention to detail extends far beyond mere word choice however. The arrangement itself intensifies, with every cycle offering a slightly different variation, one that has an intrinsic beauty about it. Every little moment becomes amplified for she ensures that the sound possesses so much energy and sense of place. Exploration of relationships, of how people get along, proves to be the true selling point as there is a sense of desire, a willingness to understand that drives the narrative along in a thoughtful fashion.

“Let Me Know” proves to be one of those pieces of pop that feels so powerful, revealing Stephanie Caprara’s keen observational skills and ability to craft a stunning narrative.



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