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“Storm” shows off the sheer force of nature that is Rumara’s undeniably powerful voice.

Rumara – Storm

Rumara explores wide vistas on the expansive, cinematic sound of “Storm”. With strong nods to a mixture of R&B meets St. Vincent’s endless creativity, there is a beauty to the way she lets the gnarled synthesizer sweeps rush up. The balance here works wonders for she makes sure that the quiet and the loud are given equal levels of importance. A rich tapestry of sound she weaves has tremendous displays of colour. Everything about it feels infinitely tasteful for the ebb and flow of the work helps to lend it a naturalistic quality to it.

Faint traces of sound introduce the track with a hushed reverence. The gradual progression of the piece proves to be outright profound for they let everything fall right into place with the greatest of grace. Vocals have a stunning presence to them, for it contains multitudes. Doing wonders with the sense of awe she can equally turn on a dime to delve into a commanding, clear presence. Melodically rich, there is a symphonic element to how the sound blooms. Outright physical at times, the sound manages to wash over everything within its path in a way that becomes truly remarkable. Reiterations of the sound further add to the way that the song transforms into a thing that threatens to burst at the very seams. With the latter half of the piece, they let the whole thing break loose into a fantastic stream of consciousness.

“Storm” shows off the sheer force of nature that is Rumara’s undeniably powerful voice.



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