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Strange Souvenirs Release Unsettling Track ‘Nothing2’

Strange Souvenirs are absolutely delighting our senses with their new single called ‘Nothing2’. Be moved and be swayed with this new song. It’s definitely strange and it’s definitely memorable… yes, the band name is very fitting! ‘Nothing2’ is a five and a half minute emotional outburst full of misery & magic, gut-wrenching punches, beautiful bruises, abrupt endings & unexpected new beginnings.

This Berlin-based music duo are made up of talented brothers Thomas Juhnke and Matthias Juhnke, and on this track they have come to work with producer and creative collaborator Cameron James Laing. What a beautiful artwork they’ve paired with the single too (by Michelle Marie-Lou Nuerk). Though the duo remain somewhat enigmatic and distant (we could only find one press shot of them!) this only adds to the mystery if anything. Make sure to go and stream this new track and discover something strange for yourself.

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