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“Stuck Pig” proves EINSAM to be a true master storyteller.

EINSAM - Stuck Pig

A raw gritty and urbane sound defines the spirit trip hop of EINSAM’s “Stuck Pig”. With clear nods to the late 90s/early 00s, his approach has a classic tenor to it. References to the Sneaker Pimps and Portishead feel undeniable as there is a noir sensibility to the way he structures the groove. The punk ethos of the piece further adds to the intense journey of the groove. Cleverly he incorporates a wide swath of different elements, from the angular guitar work to the ramshackle, laid-back rhythm that helps to drive the piece. Vocals serve as the beating heart for his delivery feels acutely aware of its surroundings as he has a dazed, hazy quality to it, one that has a unique allure to it.

The bass introduces the piece with its late 70s post-punk energy leading the way. Gradually the rest of the track comes into focus. Melodies richly linger right in the background, with the piano a particularly fine touch. Within the song there is an infectious hook that starts to form, one that does not become immediate, but rather seems to emerge out of all of these elements. Such an original approach further adds to the sense of place that the song explores. A whole world, one of frustrations and a desire to be something more, gets more readily apparent with each reiteration, every single shift of the timber.

“Stuck Pig” proves EINSAM to be a true master storyteller as an entire universe comes into view with his soulful spirited performance.

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