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Subterranean Street Society craft a highly emotionally charged, vulnerable body of work.

Subterranean Street Society – Fado

Subterranean Street Society craft a highly emotionally charged, vulnerable body of work on the sweetness of “Fado”. The acoustic guitar on here definitely veers towards the anti-folk movement, one that removes the pretense of folk music for something quite raw. The intimacy of the atmosphere makes it feels as if the listener is there. All of it has a grandeur to it, for the songs sprawl out seemingly into the infinite. Interludes amongst the many pieces further adds to this sense of journey, one that has a doubly refreshing quality to it.

After the short interlude of “The Inglewood Whistle” things start off in earnest with the meditative strumming of “One And A Half Men Tent”. His voice has a classic bent about it, soaring up to the sky. Far more subdued “Leaves Are Falling In The Summer” goes for a grittiness to it, for his expressiveness has a kindness to it. Evolution of the sound results in a “It’s Me Babe” where the piece comes into focus easily. Symphonic to its core “Another Valentine” sprawls out into the infinite. Quite gigantic he sings with such vigor, making it easily the highlight of the album. Joyous chords ring out into the air for there is a distinct pastoral quality to the way it all weaves together. Bringing the whole thing home comes the finale of “Second Singing Teacher”.

“Fado” revels in the smallest of gestures, the tiniest of details, for Subterranean Street Society bare their very soul within this vast, all-encompassing body of work.



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