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Such optimism and joy flow through Tonal Huldra’s powerful “Goddess”.

Tonal Huldra – Goddess

Tonal Huldra dives headfirst into a luxurious lush iridescent pop playhouse with “Goddess”. Everything here is coloured in brilliant hues, from the pastel pinks of the melody itself to the tender hits of the bass that possesses such warmth, it all works. Best of all are Tonal Huldra’s vocals which skirt the line between pop and electro in a coy way. Stylistically she brings together elements of pop, R&B, electro, and EDM into a lovely mix that washes over the listener in a blissed-out way. Her voice has a sly, seductive quality to it as it soars up into the heavens.

Immediately the sound starts to swirl about in a celestial haze before neatly organizing itself into a bouncing beat. This rhythm proves to be irresistible and her voice on top is just icing on the cake. Everything here feels so polished, perfect, and real. Lush keys intertwine to create a virtual stream of sound, one that perfectly supports the power of her voice. Small yet significant bursts of energy occur with glee. Giddy moments erupt throughout the whole of the piece further lending credit to its party-starting potential for the whole of the piece has an “anything is possible” quality to it. With each reiteration and refining of the beat it becomes something quite brilliant in terms of its sheer intensity, rushing forward in a gorgeous way.

Such optimism and joy flow through Tonal Huldra’s powerful “Goddess” with a sound that feels so celebratory.

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