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“Sucker (feat. James Yuill)” sculpts an entire universe one that is easy to get lost in.

cable tv - Sucker (feat. James Yuill)

cable tv embraces a nostalgic kick with the 80s infused bliss of “Sucker (feat. James Yuill)”. A poignancy permeates the entirety of the track. With clear nods to groups like Neon Indian, there’s a tenderness that touches every sound. Beyond the Neon Indian kick, there’s a bit of the Weeknd in terms of its futuristic R&B spirit, especially when they allow the sound to absolutely burst at the seams. So much colour gives the song a kaleidoscopic fervour to it. Lyrics are delivered in a fevered pitch, with the vocals sounding akin to a half-forgotten dream.

A shoegaze-like cadence takes hold from the beginning, as the rest of the sound gradually comes into focus. The trick is a neat one and is full of so much soul. Melted at first the song enters into a firm yet still surrealistic groove. Vocals swim through the great expanse for they have a yearning, passionate playfulness to them. Every verse is chosen with so much care as the words cascade downwards as if in a celestial spirit. Full of so much life they feel truly visceral in nature for the small flourishes work alongside the stately, gracious melody that helps to lead the grand procession. By opting for such a tact, the song builds and builds until it finally sweeps across with a symphonic presence for the finale.

“Sucker (feat. James Yuill)” shows off cable tv’s deft skill in sculpting an entire universe one that is easy to get lost in, with the multiple layers becoming quite beguiling.



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