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Sung with such soul, Edith delivers a silky-smooth sound on the intense trip of “Over It”.

Edith - Over It

A decadent, sultry piece of synth-pop Edith’s “Over It” has an intrinsically classic cadence to it. Her love of the 80s becomes readily apparent over the course of the track. Elements of the 80s pop fervour enter into the forefront. Dance, New Wave, and of course a deep abiding love of the synthesizer step into the fray, further adding to the sheer exuberance of the work. Vocals lead the way and the way that the percussion seems to punctuate the power of her verses additionally adds to the jubilant, almost celebratory tenor of the track. The volume here is set to be loud, for she incorporates pieces of New Order’s slick undeniably infectious hooks.

The song starts up immediately. An economical groove underpins the piece and from this one anchor everything else comes into the fray. Layering happens in a subtle way, for the stark colours that are utilized within the entirety of the piece gives it a neon glow. Evolution of the approach happens in small yet significant ways, either a hit of the drum machine here or a slight change of chord there. Really due to the sleek minimalism that she brings into the sound it is the smallest of gestures that matter. Lyricism opts for a winding, trippy ethos one that has a gorgeous bloom, so much spirit that feels altogether most excellent in the way that it simply bursts at the seams.

Sung with such soul, Edith delivers a silky-smooth sound on the intense trip of “Over It”.



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