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“Sweetest Feature” revels in the giddy sense of joy that comes from a deeply felt love.

Mantis State - Sweetest Feature

Mantis State brings the funk on the fiery “Sweetest Feature”. The yearning, the longing, the desire, these are all readily account for throughout the whole of the track. Delivered with passion, the vocals are pure fire as the rest of the band syncs into place. Funky to its very core, they also incorporate small elements of jazz and pop into the mix resulting in something that feels absolutely massive. Instrumentally vibrant too, the inclusion of the horns further adds to the majesty of the entire piece for it soars and sprawls out into the infinite. Lyrics go for a surreal form of storytelling as they navigate a wide sea of emotion.

Glowing, glistening keyboards introduce the piece. The song suddenly bursts in a huge display of colour before it pulls back to explore a slinky groove. Bass here matters a great deal for it has a sly quality, nicely anchoring the rest of the sound until the tension finally bursts. Vocals on here stun for they reveal a wide range, from the held-back to the no-holds-barred intensity. Oscillating between the extremes, the song has a feral funk quality for it unfurls with such might. Volume is an absolute must for this is a sound that deserves to be felt as much as heard, with an impeccable finale.

“Sweetest Feature” revels in the giddy sense of joy that comes from a deeply felt love, and show off Mantis State’s undeniably strong chops.

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