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Swivvel dives into a dream-pop shoegaze sound on the carefully sculpted “Prose”.

Swivvel – Prose

Swivvel dives into a dream-pop shoegaze sound on the carefully sculpted “Prose”. A fantastic mixture of soothing sounds intermingles to create this surreal landscape. The sounds feature a beauty to them. Everything about it features a great love to it. Nods to groups like Beach House, My Bloody Valentine, and more emerge throughout. Melodies go for a heaviness to them for the symphonic aspect has a gorgeousness to it. Rhythms have a steadiness to them, helping to try to anchor the rest of the work. Vocals seemingly swim through the rest of the journey giving it an otherworldly presence. Lyrics too dovetail into the mood adding to the tender atmosphere of the piece.

Everything to the sound floats on by in a wonderful fashion. Plenty of sounds enter into the equation and they have a smoothness to them. Done with such dignity the chilled-vibes have a sweetness to them. Such depth reigns supreme for the sounds radiates pure love. Word choice matters a great deal for there is a lot of emphasis placed on each phrase. Quite carefree the song has a freeform quality bringing to mind some of “Isn’t Anything” era My Bloody Valentine. Like that particular album, they build the sound out in unexpected ways that feel absolutely beguiling to behold. Cyclical in style the song has a meditative quality one that does not let up but rather becomes quite hypnotic.

“Prose” shows off Swivvel’s uncanny ability to deliver a sound that feels as warm as a blanket.



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