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Sydney Gordon brings the fire on the intense “Chains”.

Sydney Gordon – Chains

Sydney Gordon brings the fire on the intense “Chains”. A clever update of that blues-pop style, there is a lot to love within the sound. By far her voice has a commanding aura about it with the rest of the sound orbiting around her. Volume is a given for this message hits hard. The swagger of the rhythm helps to bring the listener into the wildness of the work. Everything about it has an animalistic quality to it. Quite physical the song makes sure that it touches upon a lot of the contemporary pop movement, one that feels absolutely gorgeous to behold in its vivid detail.

From the very beginning of the work, they make sure that there is full and complete engagement. Throughout the piece she builds things up. Her voice stands right in the center of it all for she has a tremendous force of nature to it. By incorporating elements of the blues, the track has a delicate balance to it, one that tempers the fire with some rather gorgeous detail brought into it. Layer upon layer is added making sure that the song has an evolutionary presence to them. Rather subtle at times Sydney makes sure that her lyricism leads the way. A poetic beauty of sorts enters into the equation. Bass has a worming, soothing aspect to it making sure that it ties all of the work together. Grooves feature prominently for they drive the tempo up forward.

“Chains” revels in Sydney Gordon’s exquisite vocals and pure passion.



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