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SYNEYE delivers deep, dramatic flourishes on the futuristic ballad “In My Shadow”.

SYNEYE - In My Shadow

SYNEYE delivers deep, dramatic flourishes on the futuristic ballad “In My Shadow”. A clever mixture of pop and electro the song’s neon-hued splendor reigns supreme. The tremendous beauty of the piece resides in the strength of her voice. Every word is chosen with care landing with perfection. Done with so much dignity the elevated status of the work stuns. With a contemporary style she sings of love in a way that comes straight from the heart. Production here has a grandeur to it for it all features so much attention to detail. From the sheer scope of her vocals to the way the beats hit, there is a passion to be felt over the course of the entire work.

The song sweeps up as one, giving the introduce a classical cadence. Indeed, for much of the work there is a kindness, a welcoming presence that radiates throughout. Her voice serves as the very core from which all else flows. She lets it all out in a way that feels richly earned. With the rest of the arrangement virtually careening alongside her lyricism there is a power to be felt there, one that has a grace about it. While there are certain dubstep elements behind it, this is more James Blake inspired than the likes of Skrillex. For the final stretch the whole thing seems to come full circle back to the tremendous open.

“In My Shadow” features the uncanny presence of SYNEYE in crafting a universe that absolutely overwhelms the senses.



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