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T.E. Yates adds another page to his musical legacy with a new EP: Strange Weather

Artist and songwriter T.E. Yates is quite notable for his enigmatic and left-field approach to music. A quick look at his profile on streaming platforms, and you’ll see illustrations with charming fall tints and stained glass vibes, rather than pictures, matching the unassuming and distinctive vibe of his music. Self-described as a multi-disciplinary artist, T.E. Yates is all about using his music and media as a way to express himself and share a powerful story with the audience. His most recent studio EP, “Strange Weather” feels like a new point of arrival, a culmination of various musical explorations, which are seamlessly coming together in the form of six marvellously produced songs. Although the style of T.E. Yates’ songwriting is relatively minimalistic, there are so many rich layers making the songs on this EP stand out for their sonic variety.

Make sure to watch the fantastic video for his stand-out single 'Condition' too:

Not only is Yates a musical artist, but he also illustrates, and his artwork is for sale right here:

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