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TAMS/N OTWAY opts for a Balearic take on classic pop with the pitch-perfect “You”.


TAMS/N OTWAY opts for a Balearic take on classic pop with the pitch-perfect “You”. Sung with a great tenderness, the yearning quality runs through the entirety of the piece tying it all together. Her approach to the sound feels refreshingly unique, from the elegant chords that introduce it to the groove that helps propel it forward. Almost dreamy in its summery vibes, the great degree of light that shines through the whole thing feels quite beautiful to behold. Stylistically she brings together elements of deep house, pop, surf rock, ambient, and more into a beguilingly beautiful mix. Vocals here have a gracious air to them, for there is a pining for something more that helps to truly frame the track.

Evolution of the sound proves to be masterful. From the beginning she keeps it sparse, allowing the details to gradually filter into the fray. Her voice takes front and centre stage from which all else flows. She even holds back on a bombastic beat, opting instead for a more subtle stance. The way the sounds simply reverberate into the infinite feels gorgeous. References to groups like Neon Indian and Washed Out are definitely there, as she too takes an ancient sound and modernizes it. By far the highlight of the track is the wonderful ending, where she messes with pitch shifts of vocals in a way that becomes truly hypnotic to behold.

“You” revels in TAMS/N OTWAY’s uncanny ability to craft a sound that has a timeless treasured quality to it.



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