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Tanoki Serves Up An Electronic and Psychedelic Slice of "Loading" FEAT. Farah Elle On Vocals

Tanoki - Loading

Kilkenny's Paul Mahon is Tanoki in this electronic and adventurous piece which features the comforting yet intense vocals of singer-songwriter and pianist Farah Elle. "Loading" embodies the state of music production and its human-less virtual creation in general. The song itself sounds like the tale of a long-lost bot in search of humanity. This is interesting as the track sounds as if there are at least three different songs playing over one another - perhaps the lost voices of the human experience within the music making process.

" The song is a commentary on what we’re doing with technology and how it’s intersecting with our lives. As we lose what makes us human in exchange for the robotic, I want listeners to imagine the kind of lyrics that might come from an android, the cyborgs we’re becoming." Tanoki states.

"Loading" also features a beautifully crafted music video produced by none other than video connoisseur himself, Tanoki. It is a lush representation of the blending and almost interchangeable worlds of humanity and technology. As I gave it a spin, I could not help to think of what will come next from the wondrous inner and musical world of Tanoki. Also, Farah Elle's role in this tune is one of enchantment and I cannot wait to hear from them both again whether collaboratively or separately.

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