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“Tar” shows off Christian Bernal uncanny ability to explore the darker impulses.

Christian Bernal – Tar

Christian Bernal embraces a gritty, grimy sound on the electro-punk fury of “Tar”. Done with such taste and care, the atmosphere is key. Their evolution of the groove feels particularly fiery for the lyrics are shouted with a sense of urgency. Everything about the whole piece has a wonderful buildup for the way that the song grows adds to its all-consuming spirit. Volume is a must both in terms of the sheer intensity of the trip alongside the distortion that they freely embrace. Such a physical approach adds to its intrinsic gorgeousness. References abound from Prodigy’s best early stuff to the inherent sleaze of Lords of Acid.

A meditative quality takes shape for the opening, as the tactile percussion introduces the song on an intimate note. From there they let the rest of the sound take shape. Various elements incorporate themselves into the mix. Electronics and guitar riffs interact in a way that shows off the track’s impressive heavy sound. Taking their time, they add to the vast tapestry of the many intermingling textures. Right in the very centre of the work comes the vocals, which have a commanding presence to them. Lyrics have an abstract feeling to them akin to poetry as the song has a true sense of place. Exploration of the mind and one’s own impulses become the feature of the work, from which all else flows.

“Tar” shows off Christian Bernal uncanny ability to explore the darker impulses, the beauty in the gnarled, and does so with such grace.



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