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Taut funk ties together Aaron Browns FuBop Collective’s “Mr Jones (feat. Pete Belasco)”.

Aaron Browns FuBop Collective - Mr Jones (feat. Pete Belasco)

Taut funk ties together Aaron Browns FuBop Collective’s “Mr Jones (feat. Pete Belasco)”. Dance, the aforementioned funk, and bursts of jazz licks dominate the track. Without needing to say a single word they manage to tell an entire story. Full of life the interplay amongst the group feels spirited. Quite soothing there is a gentle, thoughtful quality to the way they construct and build up the groove. Bass has a nimbleness tying everything together. One of those tracks that deserves to be felt as much as heard, volume is an absolute must. Here they seemingly push the sound of jazz further into the future, as the electronic and acoustic elements do a good job in working off each other’s strengths.

From the first moment they radiate such joy. Nor do they waste much time in getting started. Much of the evolution of the work results in something quite buoyant. Saxophone work feels outright inspirational. Over the course of the piece the song has such good energy to it. Quite peaceful there is a warmth that permeates the journey. With a trip that never lets up they double-down on the rhythm, becoming ever more concise. By the final stretch that tight groove is unfurled, letting the players perfectly display their powers resulting in some rather lovely solo work that kind of disassembles the rhythm.

“Mr Jones (feat. Pete Belasco)” shows off the joyous chops of the Aaron Browns FuBop Collective for they hold nothing back resulting in a true party-like atmosphere.



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