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Tears to Li6ht taps into the classic 90s trance pop sound with the fantastic “DI/ASPORA”.

Tears to Li6ht – DI/ASPORA

Tears to Li6ht taps into the classic 90s trance pop sound with the fantastic “DI/ASPORA”. A dreamy atmosphere wraps itself around the listener. Full of such life an entire ecosystem comes into the fray. Stylistically trance, ambient, pop, electro, EDM, and more enters into the fray giving the piece a symphonic quality. Her voice feels highly reminiscent of Victoria Legrande’s soulful voice. Rhythms here have a soothing ebb and flow to them. Over the course of the work, they navigate this sea of sound with such earnestness. Lyricism has a mystical aspect for every verse is delivered with the utmost of care. Notes of the Future Sound of London’s genteel approach appears throughout for there is a liveliness to the piece.

From the first onset of the sound the mood is set. The complex, almost Byzantine arrangement immediately engrosses. Everything sort of swirls about making sure that there is a warmth to it. Done with dignity the song employs patience in a perfect way. Subtle elements work in a fantastic way. Kaleidoscopic to a large degree they incorporate a vivid color scheme into the mix. Over the course of the work that initial theme is never lost. Instead, they offer variations on a theme, with the variations incorporating a bit of joy within it. Quite celebratory the song has a togetherness approach, as countless individuals are celebrated, those who are looking for a new place to live.

“DI/ASPORA” delves into its own unique universe, as Tears to Li6ht proves to be rather masterful storytellers.



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